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Moving Earth

Understanding plate tectonics

What is plate tectonics? And the continental drift? You're probably getting tired of just reading about it. These concepts may be heavy on the stomach, yet they are very important. And much closer than you think. The world as it is, and many processes that have a direct impact on our daily lives, are the result of plate tectonics. 

So what is a tectonic plate? 

It is a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the outer 'shell' of the earth. That outer shell is broken and consists of several pieces: the tectonic plates. On such a plate we usually find a continent (land), surrounded by sea. And what happens at the margins of the plates? It may not keep you awake at night, but things can get quite wild there. Intrigued? Here you get plate tectonics explained in easy words!

You may even find signs of plate tectonics in your area!

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