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Europe in one country

The natural heritage of Spain

What comes to mind when thinking of Spain? Sun, sea, beach, tapas, paella, wine ... OK, we are not above the average tourist! While that side of Spain is very much appreciated, the focus of this series is on the natural treasures of Spain. We want to discover the natural treasures of Spain and their origin. Spain is Europe in one country. It has volcanoes, mountains, green rugged coastlines, steppe-like plains, semi-deserts, forests, caves, lakes, lagunas, canyons and waterfalls. Not to mention the bears, wolves, lynxes and condors. 

Have you heard of the 'Stone Sea' of the Enchanted City? Do you know the volcanoes of the mainland? Or do you want to find out where you can find turquoise lagunas in the interior of Spain? 

We don't encourage mass tourism, but we do encourage slow sustainable tourism and this includes good preparation and knowledge. Learn something about the country you want to visit. You will enjoy it even more. With wine and tapas. 

Some short articles are already available. They were originally published in the blog of the Dutch travel and culture magazine ESpanje!. I adapted and translated them here.

Articles available to read: 

Articles coming soon: 

  • Cabo de Gata: a volcano full of garnet. 

  • Granada gold river. 

  • Madrid: La Pedriza: strange rocks and boulders near Madrid.

  • Madrid: Quijorna: 500 ovens in the mountain slopes. 

  • Basque country: The flysch coast (Basque Country)

  • Castilla-La Mancha: Toledo, a city in the river bend.