— Space —

Looking for just one answer

What are the shiny dots in the sky? That's what our ancestors have been wondering since the dawn of humanity, when they looked up at the immense night sky, feeling small and insignificant. But they also must have felt a sense of wonder and mystery. Maybe even from before they could be called humans. Are the dots the ancestors? The gods? Are there other worlds out there? 

Are we alone?  

It all boils down to this question. Are there other planets like Earth? Today, scientist are very close to finding an answer. 

Stars, moons, planets... and the enigmatic interstellar space. What's going on in there? What is the origin of the celestial bodies? We look into space with huge telescopes, space probes travel far beyond the solar system. Thanks to the data sent back to us, astronomers and physicists already know a lot about space. But every scientist knows, and Socrates would have agreed: The more you know, the more you realize that there is much more to know. 

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