— Majestic Monuments —

Built for eternity

Monuments, sculptures and art treasures have always inspired travelers, artists, wanderers, dreamers, pilgrims ... We can only imagine how in the past enormous workforces gathered, some of which were slaves, others paid personnel. 

Monuments were built entirely by human force. It took many years, even generations, to finalize a building. Before building, an incredible amount of planning must have taken place. Architects made decisions, without modern tools, on which materials to use and how to organize each step of the building process. Similarly, specialist craftsmen meticulously worked on great art treasures, often for years. 

And this is just one part of the story, the last part.

We will look at what happened before. At the building blocks of the monuments and treasures. We will scrutinize what they are made of. Most of the material was extracted from nearby sites. Others were imported from far away. 

Did you ever wonder what the pyramids are made of, David of Michelangelo, or the Taj Mahal?