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GondwanaTalks is an online magazine on natural science for a wide audience, focusing on earth science and providing a link to society, humanity and the planet. The story of nature is unraveled, going back into time, far beyond the age of humans, across the geological ages, as we explain why Earth looks the way it does today. 

Why GondwanaTalks? 

Do you feel like there is an excess of information on the internet which makes us feel, rather than clever, informed and in awe of the complexity of the world we live in; confused, ignorant and desperate? We're basically just flicking from one web page to another. 

Do you want to better understand science and nature but told in a way that also non-scientists and other mortals understand? With GondwanaTalks, we want to help. By posting well-informed articles on the natural world, written in a style that is easy to read.


The inspiration came from the great, lost continent of Gondwana. Gondwana was the land area in which all southern continents were once united into one supercontinent. When it formed, life had exploded into a myriad of life forms and had risen from a mainly microscopic bacterial world to a world in which animals and plants came to dominate, at least by size. When Gondwana fell apart, and continents drifted away, new, isolated life forms emerged, of which the peculiar fauna and flora of Australia are the best, but not the only, example.

GondwanaTalks contributors

Kathelijne Bonne: Main editor and writer. 

Contact: kathelijne_bonne@hotmail.com.

Kathelijne is a science writer, editor and translator, living near Madrid and originally from Belgium. She studied Geology and Physical Land Resources in Ghent, Belgium, and Granada, Spain. She worked in a geo-consultancy company in the United Kingdom (Getech), and then as a self-employed geologist (Streamstar Geosolutions). She published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and also in culture/travel magazines. Kathelijne is responsible for a large part of GondwanaTalks articles and translations. 

Silvia Zuleta Romano: Editor of Spanish translations. 

Silvia (from Mar del Plata, Argentina) is a writer of contemporary fiction. She studied Economics at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2005 she moved to Madrid and worked in the world of culture. In 2011, she started writing and studying philosophy. She created two blogs: El canguro filosófo, dedicated to the philosophy of technology, big data, feminism and economics, and La guarida de ficción, on writing as a profession, desktop publishing and the ins and outs of the cultural market. She regularly contributes to literary magazines, and publishes on a weekly basis on www.silviazuletaromano.com

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