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GondwanaTalks is an online magazine on natural science for a wide audience, focusing on earth science and providing a link to society, humanity and the planet. The story of nature is unraveled, going back into time, far beyond the age of humans, across the geological ages, as we explain why Earth looks the way it does today. 

Why GondwanaTalks? 

I found that there was an excess of information on the Internet, and yet I could not find answers to many questions relating to nature. My searches always ended in an aimless clicking from one page to another. That's why I decided to write my own articles and offer them to people with the same interest. I want to better understand the complexity of nature and make this knowledge available in a style that is easy to read, yet without compromising quality.

People of GondwanaTalks

Kathelijne Bonne: Main editor and writer.

Kathelijne is a science writer, editor and translator, living near Madrid and originally from Belgium. She studied Geology and Physical Land Resources in Ghent, Belgium, and Granada, Spain. She worked in a geo-consultancy company in the United Kingdom, and then as a self-employed geologist. She published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and also in culture/travel magazines.  

Silvia Zuleta Romano: Editor of Spanish translations. 

Silvia (from Mar del Plata, Argentina) is a writer of contemporary fiction. She studied Economics at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2005 she moved to Madrid and worked in the world of culture. In 2011, she started writing and studying philosophy. She publishes articles on filosophy, economy, big data, femenism and publishing on www.silviazuletaromano.com and regularly contributes to literary magazines.

Dr. Roseanne Chambers: Geologist / Geographer / Writer.

Roseanne from California has travelled the world for work and she was most astounded by the country of Peru, which unites breathtaking landscapes and an impressive cultural heritage. She searched literature to learn more about it but no comprehensive books seemed to exist. Therefore, she is writing such a book herself: The Monumental Andes. Roseanne also writes articles for her blog (www.roseannechambers.com), about the Andes, the Incas and their ancestors, and about volcanoes, earthquakes and other geological topics. 

Dorothea Eue: Geologist / writer. 

Dorothea worked as a plate tectonic specialist in Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium. She currently lives in Brno in the Czech Republic and works for Webnode. Apart from work, she's an avid trail runner, cyclist and hiker, and she occasionally guides people through the countryside near Brno. She wrote the article on the Realms of Narnia, the geology of a film location

GondwanaTalks is an online magazine on natural science for a wide audience.