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Kathelijne Bonne is the inspirer of GondwanaTalks and writes and edits most articles. On the reasons for starting this blog:

"Nothing amazes me more than the connectedness of all spheres of our complex planetary system now and in the distant past, from the ocean depths to the stratosphere to microscopic life and soils, trees, fungi, and the ancient rocks beneath our feet. They all feed into each other at immensely disparate timescales, from yoctoseconds to vast aeons, giving rise to outbursts of chemical energy at black smokers, the monumental drifting of tectonic plates, invisible soil forming processes, the wandering of species, animals and our own forebears, and finally the rise and fall of civilizations. What we are could not have been without lifetimes of continual change, evolution, inventions, adaptation, extinctions, new opportunities all interspersed with some droplets of good luck. Endowed with an unusual mind, we can finally look back and connect all the dots. This is probably one of the reasons why I started GondwanaTalks."

Some background: I'm Flemish with roots in the beautiful City of Ghent where I enrolled in Geology and Soil Science. After some wanderings across Europe and Africa – for work, pleasure and discovering – absorbing languages, landscapes, rocks and new ideas, I landed in a village at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains in Spain. Here my GondwanaTalks writing activities took off, but the passion for all earthly things has been with me since I was a child.

Silvia Zuleta Romano: Editor of Spanish translations. 

Silvia (from Mar del Plata, Argentina) is a writer of contemporary fiction. She studied Economics at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2005 she moved to Madrid and worked in the world of culture. In 2011, she started writing and studying philosophy. She publishes articles on filosophy, economy, big data, femenism and publishing on www.silviazuletaromano.com and regularly contributes to literary magazines.

GondwanaTalks is an online magazine on natural science for a wide audience.