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The Tethys Ocean was a vast marine realm that no longer exists. Is it all gone? Not quite. There are still remnants of this ocean on Earth today. The Mediterranean Sea, for example, is the last vestige of the Tethys Ocean. Other remains can be found on land and high up in the mountains.

On #WorldEnvironmentDay we focus on the concept of planetary boundaries. What are they about? They represent conditions that enable humans to live safely and comfortably on the planet. In other words, they help to define "a safe operating space for humans".

Africa is a very old continent indeed, but it was not immune to change, and looked completely different in the past. Read about continents, life and ice ages in Africa, in this introduction for "geodummies" and everybody who is interested in the nature of Africa.

The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens was the culmination of a prolonged period of volcanic unrest. We will go through the events that lead, exactly 40 years ago, to one of the largest eruptions in the history of the United States.

Earth Day is a good reason to talk about the indispensable aspects of Earth, that make (human) life possible. Almost 8 billion people must coexist on Earth. We will look at it from the point of view of the evolution of the Earth as a liveable world. With a focus on the atmosphere and on oxygen. And how the...

Yes, we've all heard the word geology. It is some kind of science for nerds that study stones. Well, if being a nerd refers to studying how the Earth works and why it matters to humanity, then yes, it is a science for stone-staring nerds! And I'm happy to be part of it!

It is difficult for a human being, so new to this world and so futile in his existence, to imagine the enormous expanse of time that has already passed since the Earth formed. Read more about it, to get a glimpse of what Geological Time really is.