Carrara: The purest of all monumental stones.


Italy and the Mediterranean looked like a big puzzle of little islands when the Carrara Marble was formed. But a lot has happened since humans first put their hands on it.

Text 2019 © Kathelijne Bonne.

Momument Series: Carrara Marble.

David, the Pantheon, ... , they wouldn't be there if countless little organisms that died in the Tethys Ocean, would not have been preserved on the seafloor. 

Carrara marble is associated with the purest and whitest of all marbles, yet it comes in many types and variations. 

Geology of Carrara

Above: Screenshot of a map showing the geology of Carrara, marble outcrops in blue. 

Source: Carmignani et al. 2000, Carta Geologica del Parco delle Alpi Apuane. Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Università degli Studi di Siena.